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Critical Thinking Exercise -

Answer the following questions using your critical thinking and reasoning skills:

1. A young man is in an accident that crushes his spinal cord at the neck and leaves him paralyzed from the neck down. The man asks his physician if he will be able to have erections and father any children. What should the doctor tell him? Explain your answer.

2. A breast-feeding woman leaves her baby at home and meets a friend for dinner. Two tables over, a baby is crying and the woman notices her shirt becomes wet from leaking milk. Explain the physiological link between hearing that sound and the ejection of milk.

3. A woman has a mutation that causes the zona pellucida to be tough and not disintegrate after the egg was fertilized. How would this affect her fertility? Explain.

Reference no: EM132191533

Proportion of F2 progeny which are B- S will be

The mouse autosomal genes B and S are linked 38 map units apart. Mice with genotypes BB SS and bb ss are crossed and the F1 is testcrossed. The proportion of F2 progeny which

Indicator of tryptophanase activity

The end products of tryptophan degradation are indole and pyruvic acid. Why do we test for the presence of indole rather than pyruvic acid as the indicator of tryptophanase

Outline the evolutionary explanation darwin proposed

Darwin found that the faunas and floras of oceanic islands tend to be impoverished and unbalanced when compared to those of continental islands. Explain what this means (2)

Human genome project-cloning-DNA fingerprinting

What are the following biotechnologies: Human genome project, cloning, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, and stem cells? What are some pros and cons for each issue?

Find the appropriate promoters in complex eukaryotic nucleus

Compared to prokaryotes, the eukaryotic genome is more complex and contains large amounts of noncoding sequences. Describe the process by which eukaryotic promoters are reco

Development of a human eye

It has been established that incremental changes led to the development of a human eye. Closely examine the stages of development as seen in slide thirty-one of the Changes le

Forty percent of american kids living

Forty percent of American kids living below the poverty line are obese or overweight, according to a 2010 study published in Health Affairs. Poorer kids are more likely to be

Hypothesize that watching violent media

You hypothesize that watching violent media (e.g., movies, cartoons, news) desensitizes teenagers to violence. You want to design a study that examines whether viewing violent


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