Explain how water and wind contribute to soil erosion

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Question: Erosion is one of the most significant challenges facing soil fertility around the world.

Choose either an urban or a rural setting.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on the effects of erosion and the control techniques for erosion. Include the following:

• Describe the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles in terms of nutrient availability.

• Explain how water and wind contribute to soil erosion.

• Explain the process of erosion in the setting that you selected. What are the consequences of erosion in this setting?

• Describe how plants prevent or contribute to erosion.

• Explain how to manage erosion.

• Explain how economics might affect landowner decisions to implement erosion control

Include at least three references in addition to the text, formatted consistent with APA guideline

Reference no: EM132184291

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