Explain how trust is related to satisfaction

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Topic: Trust and Trustworthiness in Professional-Client Relationships

Learning Exercise:

This exercise provides you with an opportunity to reflect more carefully on the meaning of trust and trustworthiness in professional-client relationships such as would exist between and engineer and his/her clients.

In response to the trust lecture, the accompanying presentation, and your own experiences, write a not-to- exceed one-page paper wherein you address ONE of the following prompts (one only, your choice):

1. The claim has been made that trustworthiness is "the first virtue of professional life." Describe what is meant by this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer.

2. In my experience many people say ethics and trust are related. How about you? Do you agree? If so, explain how ethics and trust are related, especially in the area of professional-client relationships. Provide evidence to support your view.

3. Do some research on civil engineering companies that will be participating in the Job Fair this Spring, and identify an engineering company that specifically mentions customer/client satisfaction as one of their service delivery goals. Comment on whether you agree that client satisfaction is a suitable service delivery goal for an engineering company and explain how trust is related to satisfaction.

Reference no: EM132233628

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