Explain how theoretical perspectives regard children

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You will write a paper using APA format to answer the criteria concerning the scientific study of human development and major theories that have a significant impact on human development science. You will need to describe the fundamental cultural, biological, and environmental aspects of human development relating to these areas.

1. Explain how theoretical perspectives regard children and adults as active contributors to their own development.

2. Cite evidence that both nature and nurture contribute to the development of individuals with mental disorders. Include an example citing a specific example relating to a specific disorder.

3. Apply: Cecilia gave birth to an underweight preterm baby. Cecilia is single and works a minimum wage job. Her parents are willing to help take care of the baby while Cecilia is at work. Cecilia is also going to school to earn a degree in education and is taking online coursework. Plan an intervention for helping Cecilia's baby develop. Use your textbook to cite specifics.

Reference no: EM131443520

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