Explain how the u.s. govt involved in world war ii

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Question One: World War II

Explain how the U.S. got involved in World War II. What interests were considered especially important? What factors were critical in winning the war? What lessons could we learn from this experience?

Question Two: World War II and American Society

How did Americans adjust to changes during the War years? Describe some of the social, cultural, and economic impacts of the War. In what ways did the War leave a lasting impact on America?

Question Three: Cold War

What was the Cold War about? Describe some of the key events related to the Cold War between 1945 and 1960. Was the conflict avoidable? In what ways might the conflict appear different to us now than it did to people at the time?

Question Five: Post-War Politics

Describe some of the political events in America during the Truman and Eisenhower years. What key issues were on people's minds? How did leaders in this era build on the ideas of the New Deal? What new developments do you see?

Reference no: EM13723611

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