Explain how the organization can use the ansoffs growth

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3000 Words report (LO 03 & 04)

Select a manufacturing organization of your choice and you are required to conduct sufficient investigation on the company's background, its products/services offered and managerial processes.

1. Explain how the organization can use the Ansoff's growth-vector matrix to derive corporate strategy directions for future plansof the organization

2. Explain how the organization can use Directional policy matrix (GE matrix) and make effective decisions about the future growth of its product portfolios

3. Based on above planning techniques develop possible alternative strategies for the company. These strategies may either belong to substantive growth, limited growth or retrenchment.

4. Using strategy evaluation criteria, select an appropriate future strategy for the organization form above alternative strategies. Explain the appropriate strategy methods that can be used by the organization to execute the selected strategy.

The report structure

You should follow all the given guidelines in preparing the report following correct report structure including Harvard Referencing Style.

Reference no: EM132235044

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