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Task 1

Scenario - Enviro-Cars Ltd

Jack & Thomas, in partnership, run a successful electric-cars dealerships (Enviro-Cars Ltd) in England. They have a garage with a showroom and workshop for servicing and maintenance of customer vehicles spread over several counties in England. Recently, sales of new and second- hand cars have been down. Although the business partners understand that this may have been the result of the economic recession, they are also concerned as several experienced sales staff have left and the current sales personnel are mostly inexperienced. Jack & Thomas want to revive their business by reinforcing the idea of ‘environmentally-friendly' & ‘economically' appealing cars delivered through competent sales personnel with excellent customer services.

You are the consultant given the task to advise Enviro-Cars Ltd on the way forward. You have been asked to specifically advise the company to look at the role of personal selling with a view to improving the effectiveness of the company's sales personnel in areas of B2B & B2C. Your report needs to consider the following:

1. Explain how personal selling at Enviro-Cars Ltd supports other promotional activities

2. Compare buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations with special reference to Enviro-Cars Ltd.

3. Analyse the role of the sales teams in the overall marketing strategy for the Enviro-Cars Ltd.

Your report should be written in a suitable business style and should link any academic theories/studies to the business including appropriate research on business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) selling as these concepts relate to the case scenario.

Task 2

Scenario - Powerpoint Presentation

You have been invited to deliver a Sales presentation to a panel of delegates comprising individuals and representatives of businesses.

Prepare not more than 6 Powerpoint slides for a sales presentation on a product or service of your choice with a view to selling to prospective customers from the audience.

Produce planned speaker's notes for each slide in order to illustrate how you would carryout a sales presentation on your selected product or service.

Your Powerpoint slides and speaker's notes for the presentation should be clearly prepared in order to demonstrate how you have addressed assessment criteria and The slides and speaker's notes should be submitted together with the rest of your work.

Task 3

Scenario: Case Study - Plastic Products Ltd

Plastic Products Ltd is a company that produces and markets plastic cups, teaspoons, knives and forks for the catering industry. The company was established in 1974 in response to the changes taking place in the catering industry. The growth of the fast food sector of the market was seen as an opportunity to provide disposable eating utensils, which would save on human resources and allow the speedy provision of utensils for fast customer flow. In addition, Plastic Products has benefited from the growth in supermarkets and sells ‘consumer packs' through four of the large supermarket groups.

The expansion of sales and outlets has led Jim Spencer, the sales manager, to recommend to Bill Preedy, the general manager that the present salesforce of two regional representatives be increased to four.

Spencer believes that the new recruits should have experience of selling fast-moving consumer goods since essentially that is what his products are.

Preedy believes that the new recruits should be familiar with plastic products since that is what they are selling. He favours recruiting from within the plastics industry, since such people are familiar with the supply, production and properties of plastic and are likely to talk the same language as other people working at the firm.

Using the above case example in the scenario and any other relevant research, answer the following questions:

1. Explain with examples, how sales strategies can be aligned with corporate objectives in organisations like Plastic Products.

2. Explain why the recruitment and selection procedures are important for Plastic Products Ltd.

3. Evaluate the role of Motivation at Plastic Products Ltd. You should also explain how Remuneration and Training can be utilised as tools for motivation within Sales Management.

4. Explain how Plastic Products Ltd. can organise Sales activities in order to control of sales output.

5. Explain with examples, how effective Sales Management can be supported by the use of databases.

Task 4:

Scenario - Currys (Dixons Carphone)

Currys is a British electrical retailer operating in the UK and Ireland, owned by Dixons Carphone. It specialises in selling home electronics and household appliances, with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores. Smaller stores also trade under the Currys Digital brand in the UK, which was introduced to rebrand all former Dixons stores in 2006. Dixons stores in Ireland followed in August 2008, without the Digital suffix. (Dixons Carphone, 2015)

As a Sales Manager of Currys, you are considering expansion into one emerging market. Select an example of an emerging market such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and answer these questions:

1. Investigate opportunities for selling internationally into your chosen emerging market.
2. Investigate opportunities for using Exhibitions/Trade-fairs in your chosen emerging market.
3. Develop a Sales Plan for a product category of Currys suitable for your chosen emerging market.

Reference no: EM13871826

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