Explain how perception affected each partys negotiation goal

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Tony's taxpayer return has come up for audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He took some deductions this year for an office in his home. Amelio, at the IRS, has disallowed that deduction and has invited Tony to come to the office to discuss them.

Tony's profession is tax consulting, but he listed his occupation on his return statement as 'Attorney.' Tony has taken several deductions this year that might be considered aggressive.

However, Tony believes that he has done no wrong. In fact, he thinks he is being singled out due to his profession. He is short on money and is worried about paying any additional assessment the IRS may make. Therefore, he is planning to give up the office deductions in order to close the audit as quickly as possible.

Amelio has never seen a home office deduction that was proper, except for his own during his pre-IRS days as an independent consultant. Answer the following points:

1. Apply general attribution theory to analyze and explain each party's attitudes and conclusions. Hint: Use consensus, consistency, distinctiveness, and the fundamental error.

2. Explain how perception affected each party's negotiation goals.

3. Apply the theory of symbolic interactionism to each party in the case by identifying

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Reference no: EM13890478

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