Explain how our motive to belong influences group behaviors
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Design at least eight Microsoft PowerPoint slides discussing social behavior.

Title slide - Include the title of your presentation, your name, and date

First and Second slide: Explain how our motive to belong influences group behaviors, both positively and negatively. Consider your Week 2 reading on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Explain how the fundamental attribution error influences our judgments of others. How could becoming more aware of, and correcting this error, change our understanding of others' behavior?

Third and Fourth slide: How do assumptions, such as defensive attribution and the just-world hypothesis, influence our sense of control over our lives? How could we correct these but still feel in control?

Fifth and Sixth slide: The way we perceive others is quite subjective, and the processes we use to evaluate others are often outside of our awareness. Nonetheless, social interactions exert powerful influences on how we feel and behave. What factors influence our prejudices about people? What factors influence whom we find attractive? How might culture influence perceptions of prejudice and attractiveness? What kinds of things help you see the world in a positive light?

References (one slide): Properly cite the resources you use.

Tips for preparing your presentation: Organize the slides with bullet points, and use the notes sections for comments that should accompany/explain each slide. Keep in mind that when you are putting together a presentation, your slides should follow the 6:6 rule - there should be no more than 6 bullet points per slide, with about 6 words per bullet point. That means that the majority of the information in your presentation will be in the notes section. The notes section is also where you should include your citation information.

Note: You will be assessed on whether your presentation is clear and logically organized; whether the notes section is used effectively; whether it includes visual and auditory aids effectively and appropriately; incorporates effective design elements (font headings, spacing, color); whether the presentation is functional (including working audio clips, visual components and links) and whether grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation follow standard American English, and whether references are consistent with APA guidelines.

Format your paper consistent with course-level guidelines.


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This assignment talks about prejudice. Negative prejudice is when the attitude is hostile toward members of a group. A positive prejudice is when the attitude is unduly favorable toward a group. Prejudice is such a basic part of a person's complex thought process. This assignment is prepared in MS Power point

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