Explain how health informatics is critical to the initiative
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ASSIGNMENT: Principle of health assignment


In 2013, Health Information Exchanges are growing in number, the Meaningful Use initiatives within healthcare organizations are moving forward, and numerous healthcare facilities are considering forming or joining Accountable Care Organizations in their region. The management of health data and information is foundational to all of these initiatives and others.

Select one of these current initiatives (you may select one mentioned above or another) and discuss its importance to the future of healthcare.

1. Describe how this initiative supports patient quality care.
2. Discuss whether it will help decrease healthcare costs.
3. Explain how health informatics is critical to the initiative.
4. Discuss whether this initiative will impact patient access to care.

Complete your 2- to 4-page response using Microsoft Word using Times New Roman or a similar font, 12 point, double-spaced. Select 2-3 current articles from journals to support your responses.

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