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1. At the start of the article, the author says "in Judaism, faith is less a matter of affirming a set of beliefs that of trust in God and fidelity to his law" (423), and he introduces the important term Halakha. Keeping in mind these words, find an example from the DAILY section on the handout A Partial Listing of Jewish Ritual Obligations and explain how Halakha may deeply influence a religious Jew's daily life.

2. Read the section of the article called "Central Doctrines" (pp. 430-431). Describe ONE of the central doctrines that is very DIFFERENT from Christianity. Describe ONE of the central doctrines that seems to be SHARED with Christianity.

3. The section of the Judaism article "Sacred Symbols" describes at least six central symbols of Judaism. Describe one of them, and explain just what it symbolizes.

4. REVIEW the Judaism article, pp. 433-434 on Sacred Symbols - this section will help you with Dani's description of her father's religious practices. What memories of her father's religious rituals bring Dani comfort? Why?

5. Is there a connection between Dani's anxieties and her ability to believe in God?

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Reference no: EM13855791

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