Explain how exchange rates are determined

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Place question 1 and 2 above your answer. This will consist of 2 essay questions. You may use additional resources to answer the questions. Your answers will be single-spaced, approximately 2 pages for each question. Citations and references will be in APA format. Place your references at the end of the applicable essay. I would strive to have 3 or 4 references per essay question

Essay Question #1 Explain how exchange rates are determined. Then explain typical challenges supply chain and logistics managers experience when dealing with exchange rates. Provide examples to help support your answer.

Essay Question#2 Given the following modes of transportation - aviation, rail, road, off-road, ship, pipelines, cable, space - provide the following:

a. Essential elements in infrastructure of each

b. Most substantial changes in each in the next decade

c. Greatest challenges Supply Chain and Logistics Managers will experience in each

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Reference no: EM13859622

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