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Income Approach to GDP. How does the income approach to measuring GDP differ from the expenditure approach? Explain the meaning of value added and its importance in the income approach. Consider the following data for the selling price at each in the production of a 5-pound bag of flowersold by your local grocer. Calculate the final market value of the four.

Stage of production sale price

Farmer $0.30

Miller 0.50

Wholesaler 1.00

Grocer 1.50

Reference no: EM1356319

Firms consider issuing stock in foreign countries

Why might firms consider issuing stock in foreign countries? Why might U.S. businesses look to issue more stock in Europe since the adoption of the euro (implemented in 1999)?

Identify and discuss two ways that a business could reduce

Aside from retail sales and marketing, identify and discuss two ways that a business could reduce costs or increase profits by using the Internet or Web applications.

What is the value of government securities the fed

Using a required reserve ratio of 10% and assuming that banks keep no excess reserves, what is the value of government securities the Fed must purchase if it wants to increase

Estimates for proposed small public facility

Estimates for a proposed small public facility are as follows: Plan A has a first cost of $50,000, a life of 25 years, a $5,000 market value, and annual maintenance expenses o

Project risk management planning process

You are the project manager for your organization and you're working with your project team and stakeholders to develop the risk management plan. According to the PMBOK Guid

According to the law of comparative advantage

What is your opinion of this economics course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvement of this course for future students? Is there a dow

Trade surplus and maintain a healthy positive

Some years ago a critic of what economists were saying about the U.S.'s international trade position argued that it was essential that the U.S. as a country should run a tra

The monopolist can price discriminate

A monopolist is deciding how to allocate output between two geographically separated markets. What are price, output, prots, marginal revenues, and deadweight loss if. the mon


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