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For a firm to gain a competitive advantage, all of the organizational elements must be aligned internally and fit the conditions in the external environment. Issues related to economic globalization, the political landscape, and different labor markets may affect the external environment. In this discussion, you will share your opinion about how HR professionals may respond to these various external and organizational issues.

Please respond to all of the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online course:

• Explain how a member of the HR Triad could meet responsibilities of external environments. Is doing so more or less challenging than meeting the requirements of organizational environments. Why?

• In your opinion, how have economic globalization and the political landscape each shaped human resources management? What should HR managers be aware of and respond to in relation to these issues?

• Suppose you discover that the company for which you work, as an HR employee, has hired workers in unfair labor conditions. What action would you take, if any, and why?

To answer the final discussion prompt, you may wish to spend a few moments researching whistleblower laws on the Internet.

Reference no: EM131137506

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