Explain equations of state me be integrated explicitly

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When temperature and pressure confitions are not too severe, equations of state me be integrated explicitly to determine the fugacity of a gas. Derive an expression for ln(f/p) for a van der Waal's gas. (HINT: Wrtie van der Waals equation in virial form.) Use your equation to calculate (a) the fugacities and (b) the fugacity coefficients for methane at the following pressures: 0, 10, 1000, and 500 atmospheres. At what pressures are the fugacity coefficients equal to unity? at what pressures is the fugacity equal to 1.0000 atm?

Reference no: EM13341894

Teeth are made principally from the mineral hydroxyapatite

Teeth are made principally from the mineral hydroxyapatite, Ca5 (PO4)3OH, which can be dissolved in acidic solution such as that produced by bacteria in the mouth:

What is the temperature

Suppose you have a fixed container containing 2.48 moles of gas. If the container volume is 30.0 L, and the pressure is 2.05 atm, what is the temperature (°C)? (R= 0.0821 L

Explain what intermolecular forces might be acting

However the dimmers are termed SDS-resistant for the reason that they do not further dissociate into monomers in the presence of the detergent. Explain what intermolecular f

How many grams of oxygen are needed to burn

Question- Butane gas is compressed and used as a liquid fuel in disposable cigarette lighters and lightweight camping stoves. Suppose a lighter contains 3.84mL of butane (d=

Explain what speed would a transverse wave propagate

Problem- The main cables supporting New York's George Washington Bridge have a mass per unit length of 4100 kg/m and are under tension of 250 MN. At what speed would a trans

Calculate the pressure of no and no2 in the mixture

At 1000 deg. K, a sample of pure NO2 gas decomposes. 2NO2(g)f/r2NO(g) + O2(g) The equilibrium constant Kp is 158. analysis shows that the partial pressure of O2 is 0.14 atm

Explain dinitrogen pentoxide to form nitrogen dioxide

The rate constant for the decomposition of dinitrogen pentoxide to form nitrogen dioxide and oxygen gas has the rate constant 1.7 x 10-3 s-1. This is a first order reaction.

Compute the e degree and g degree for the cell

Give the voltaic cell shorthand description for this reaction as a voltaic cell.Write anode and cathode under the correct portions of the shorthand description. Show the two


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