Explain effect of virtual achievements on student engagement

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Topic :The Effect of Virtual Achievements on Student Engagement

For this task, I need help in developing a narrative about my topic (above), and an outline of the collegiate dissertation process, to submit for my instructor to evaluate. The following must also be addressed:

• Supported your insights and assertions with citations.

• Described your topic in detail to include how you are thinking of researching it, what challenges you may encounter, how you will make a contribution to a practical problem and/or make a contribution to theory.

• Outlined the Northcentral dissertation process and clearly illustrated you understand it.

• Delineated what you want to better understand.

• Addressed why you believe your topic is "feasible, interesting, worthy, and relevant."

• Ensured you integrated, evaluated, and applied key concepts related to your topic.

• Used examples and/or illustrations to clearly express your suppositions.

• Organized your paper to include:

a. a well-developed focus in the introduction
b. a logical discussion of ideas and concepts illustrated with APA formatted headings
c. a conclusion that wraps up the paper without adding new information.

• Supported your insights with reference citations.

Length: 3-5 pages (1050 - 1750 words), not including the cover and reference pages.

References: 5

Reference site for general research ethics


Reference no: EM131309187

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