Explain effect of closure type on prevention microbial

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The number of bacteria in saliva samples was determined by collecting saliva, making serial dilutions, and inoculating nutrient agar by pour plate method. Plates were incubated aerobically for 48 hours at 37C.
Bacteria per ml Saliva
Before Using After Using Mouthwash Mouthwash
Mouthwash 1 13.1 x 10^6 10.9 x 10^6
Mouthwash 2 11.7 x 10^6 14.2 x 10^5
Mouthwash 3 9.3 x 10^5 7.7 x 10^5

What can you conclude from these data? Did all the bacteria present in each saliva sample grow?

Case History: The Effect of Closure Type on Prevention Microbial Contamination of Cosmetics.

Reference no: EM1398770

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