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Abraham Maslow sought to explain why people are driven by particular needs at particular times. How does Maslow's theory help marketers?

How might you use Maslow's hierarchy of needs in marketing cell phones in the U.S. versus a relatively poor country such as Haiti?

As part of your answer, please develop a marketing research project for a firm seeking to compete in the Haitian cell phone market.

Explain each step of the marketing research process and how they relate to this particular project.

Moreover, discuss any post-decision activities that should take place after marketing programs are developed and implemented. (At least 2 pages please with reference)


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The Maslow’s hierarchy level helps the marketers in understanding the consumers shopping habits. The first level of Maslow’s theory is the house, so the marketers market houses and shelters to the consumers to fulfil their primary need without which consumers are vulnerable to the weather. The next level is the safety, consumers after purchasing homes will look for safety in their houses for which consumers will look for security systems and thus will purchase a system to make his family and himself safer.

After satisfying the basic needs consumers look for next level needs i.e. social needs. In this level comes the friends and family, after having the home, consumers want it to make visitor’s friendly with various facilities like soft bed, decorative walls, comfortable sofa set. So accommodate the friends and family consumer will look for furnishings.

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