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Diversity Training Requirements at ABC Corporation

Currently, you are Vice President of human resources at ABC Corporation. Last quarter, ABC acquired a subsidiary to produce and manufacture materials that are used in the manufacture of its products. ABC's headquarters is located in the closest large city to your hometown, with regional offices throughout the country, while the subsidiary company is located in a city of your choosing in another country. Managers of the new raw materials and manufacturing plant for the subsidiary company must be in communication with managers and vice presidents from each of the regional offices and the headquarters. They need to discuss production schedules, transportation, problems with manufacturing, and any other situations that may occur. The board is concerned about cultural differences between the teams causing problems in the communication process.

Create a presentation as Vice President of human resources to present to the headquarters and regional office management teams.

Include a highlight of your current human resources policies regarding proper and improper relationships between male and female coworkers, being respectful of coworkers, and acting professionally in the workplace.

Include a summary of some differences that may be expected between the cultures of the countries where the headquarters is located and where the subsidiary company is located, and how this could affect communications between coworkers.

Communicate how coworkers from both countries should carry themselves in each other's cultures. What can the workers do to ensure they are respectful of the dominant culture when in another country?

Note. The last question is not asking for specific cultural differences between the two countries, but rather what actions someone going to business in another country could take to help them live and work in a dominant culture other than their own.

Assignment breakdown and scheduling:

ABC company
Current location = United States
Expansion = Japan
Function area = Training & Development

Write a paragraph for each question

1. How will we assess the training requirements?
Internal Audits

2. When will the training be offered?

Reference no: EM1341719

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