Explain differences between u.s. gaap and ifrs positions

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Assess the main differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS' positions on research and development cost, pointing out which of the two you think gives the most detailed and correct financial information on research and development cost. Give support for the rationale.

Examine the advatages and drawbacks of recording depreciable assets of subsidiaries at either net fair value or gross fair values. Choose a method which would be suitable for the manufacturing company. Give support for your rationale.

Reference no: EM1392756

Most relevant to organizational psychologists

What fields outside of psychology do you think are the most relevant to organizational psychologists and why? What can other fields learn from organizational psychology about

Ensure risk management is completed carefully

Explain why you think project risk management is often misunderstood or overlooked on projects. As a project manager, what can you do to ensure risk management is completed ca

Symptoms of parkinsons and huntingtons

How can I easily remember the main symptoms of Parkinson's and Huntington's? I always get the two mixed up in my head, can someone please suggest an easy way to get Parkinson'

Autonomy of elderly patient

Critically discuss some potential difficulties with attempting to uphold the value of patient autonomy. Give an analysis of autonomy as it relates to other important ethical

Camouflage is natural counterpart to visual pop-out

Camouflage is the natural counterpart to visual pop-out in a visual display or scene. Imagine that you are the designer for a hunting company designing a new camouflage outfit

Describe nature and all dimensions of three ethical issues

Describe the nature and all dimensions of the three ethical issues. Identify the ethical code numbers and definitions of each issue presented using both the APA and ACA codes.

Impact of production defects on business performance

Based on the linear inventory model, systematically investigate the relationship be- tween the level of defect and inventory system performance - Conceptually and mathema

Discuss how to deal with this kind of situation

Many crimes involving emails have e-mail accounts set up in countries less willing to cooperate with the country in which the crime is being investigated. Discuss how to dea


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