Explain cyberspace arena for human social interaction

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Do you believe cyberspace is a whole new arena for human social interaction, or is it simply one more tool which humans put to remarkable range of uses without actually changing in any fundamental way? How does online communication compare to other forms of language and communication. Provide some suitable examples

Reference no: EM1392593

What is the relationship between hvac and physical security

What four physical characteristics of the indoor environment are controlled by a properly designed HVAC system? What are the optimal temperature and humidity ranges for comp

Design and analysis of algorithms

You are given a series of boxes. Each box i has a rectangular base with width Wi and length Li, as well as a height Hi. You are stacking the boxes, subject to the following:

Write a method named longestsortedsequence

Write a method named longestSortedSequence that accepts an array of integers as a parameter and that returns the length of the longest sorted (nondecreasing) sequence of int

Construct and describe a tree

Construct and describe a tree that indicates the following: A college president has 2 employees who answer directly to him or her, namely a vice president and provost. The v

Derive this relationship by using euler’s theorem

Verify that Euler's Theorem holds in Zm, m = 6,9, for all elements a for which gcd(a,m) = 1. Also verify that the theorem does not hold for elements a for which gcd(a,m) ≠ 1

Bunch of environment photos

Have a project where I have to visit four places that embodies: Fear, Confusion, Joy, and something else in the form of the five senses( touch, vision, hearing, smell, taste

Transposition technique to encrypt a message

You have been hired by a local company to consult with its security staff on encryption techniques. The staff has not been formally trained, so you will be demonstrating the p

Instant messaging client for a mobile phone

You have been asked to develop an instant messaging client for a mobile phone, based on a current desktop client. The design challenge is to pare down the interface to fit o


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