Explain could the american revolution have been averted

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1. Give a detailed account of the United States Independence Movement 1763-1783. Be sure to include all major events, important individuals, key confrontations, philosophical foundations and foreign influences. Use examples in developing your thesis.

2. In your opinion, could the American Revolution have been averted? Support your answer with specific examples of how and when. What strategies, cultural and economic factors worked against an open break with England?

On the other hand, if you think the Revolution was irreversible, indicate which philosophical, political and other forces were so compelling as to make the break inevitable? Think!

3. Indicate the major weakness of the Articles of Confederation as a national government and describe the provisions of the new Constitution designed to overcome these problems.

4. What was President George Washington's primary goal throughout his tenure? What important precedents did he set in defining the role of the President and charting new path for successor? Evaluate the extent to which he stayed within the explicitly defined role of the President according to the Constitution, as well as, the extent towhich he exercised power in absence of specific mandate of prohibitions on the Constitution. Give examples in your answer.

5. Trace the administrations of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson 1796-1808. In your analysis contrast and compare the accomplishment and failures of their administrations.

Reference no: EM13752753

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