Explain corporate kleptoacracy

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Conrad Black continues to maintain his innocence. Can you explain his reasoning, given the facts presented in the case?

Explain corporate kleptoacracy, can you think of any other companies that could be descrbed using this term?

Conrad Black, for the third time, won the Business Newsmaker of the Year Award. Shouldn't this award recognize someone who represents more ethical business operations?

Reference no: EM131076416

About four major forms of non-equity modes of entry

There are about four major forms of Non-Equity Modes (NEM) of entry (contract manufacturing and service outsourcing, franchising, licensing and contract farming) by a multinat

Monetary and fiscal policies

The financial crisis of 2008 caused macroeconomists to rethink monetary and fiscal policies. Economists, financial experts, and government policy makers are victims of what fo

Because high production-changeover time and costs

Because high production-changeover time and costs, a director of manufacturing must convince management that a proposed manufacturing method reduces costs before the new metho

Compare and contrast mcdonalds strategies in china

Find examples in current news publications of the strategic responses of individual businesses to changes in currency exchange rates. Are these firms adapting to the changin

Evidence supporting the idea of a political business cycle

There seems to be some evidence supporting the idea of a political business cycle. That is, the economy tends to experience particularly fast growth just prior to elections an

Price of transplantable human organs

The price of transplantable human organs has increased significantly in recent years. Why do you think that has occurred? Organ transplants are expensive. The hospital and med

Resulted in global stagflation

The accepted wisdom is that the oil price hikes of the 1970s resulted in global stagflation. It would seem to follow that the drop in oil prices would have the opposite effect

What share of the stimulus did economist assume was spent

An economist published a research paper arguing that the multiplier from a proposed fiscal stimulus of 25,000,000 will be 1.5. in other words the ratio of the total economic i


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