Explain concept of generally accepted accounting principles

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Users of Financial Information


In this module we’re building a basic foundation in accounting which will also include an introduction to IFRS. To begin, it is important to understand all of the internal and external stakeholders who rely on the financial information of a business.


Explain the concept of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles


Select a business and identify two (2) internal and two (2) external users of financial information for the business. In your original post, discuss how these four (4) different users utilize the financial information of the business you selected.

Reference no: EM131422932

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Decision making process involves analytical and systematic approaches that utilize logic and considers all data and possible alternatives (Render, Stair, & Hanna, 2012). Utili

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A bolt with a shaft diameter of 1.00 inches is subjected to a tension force of 21.2 kip (thousands of pounds). Calculate the stress on the bolt in ksi (thousands of pounds per


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