Explain computation of h of this reaction per mole of h2so4
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When 26.0 mL of 0.565 M H2SO4 is added to 26.0 mL of 1.13 M KOH in a coffee-cup calorimeter at 23.50°C, the temperature rises to 30.17°C. Calculate H of this reaction per mole of H2SO4 and KOH reacted. (Assume that the total volume is the sum of the individual volumes and that the density and specific heat capacity of the solution are the same as for pure water: d = 1.00 g/mL and c = 4.184 J/g×K.) H per mole of H2SO4 reacted: kJ/mol? H per mole of KOH reacted: kJ/mol?

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