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Question 1. Two approaches for breakthrough improvement that help companies achieve stretch goals are _____ and _____.

brainstorming; team development

Kaizen blitzes; quality circles

benchmarking; reengineering

innovation; feedback

Question 2. A successful kaizen program within a company requires all of the following EXCEPT:

total employee involvement.

significant training.

substantial financial investment.

operating practices.

Question 3. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the American Customer Satisfaction Index?

It focuses on buyer satisfaction associated with consumer non-durable goods.

It was first conducted in 1994.

It is based on a large national sample of consumers.

It is designed to indicate national trends as well as industry trends.

Question 4. Leading customer-oriented practices of successful companies include all of the following EXCEPT:

recognize that all customers should to be treated in the same manner.

understand the linkages between customer needs and business processes.

make commitments to customers that build trust and confidence.

compare customer satisfaction results to those of their competitors.

Question 5. Which of the following is TRUE?

Process improvement is more efficiently undertaken within one organizational function.

Process improvement does not affect traditional organizational structures.

Processes generally cut across traditional organizational functions.

Process improvement is an operational decision, not a strategic decision.

Question 6. The act of taking apart a competitor's product and analyzing it is referred to as process benchmarking.



Question 7. Any employee who comes in direct contact with customers can obtain useful information simply by engaging in conversation and listening to customers. This is an example of:

focus groups

direct customer contact

field intelligence

study complaints

Question 8. Rapid changeover from one product to another, rapid response to changing demands, or the ability to produce a wide range of customized services are all examples of:





Question 9. The outcome of the production process that is delivered to the customer is referred to as:

net quality.

design quality.

perceived quality.

actual quality.

Question 10. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of the net present value of customers?

A firm can determine the net value of offering increasing levels of benefits to users.

Profit potential can be measured by the net present value of the customer.

The number of transactions associated with repeat customers cannot be estimated.

Firms can use it to eliminate customers with low or negative values that represent a financial liability

Reference no: EM13730005

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