Explain civil liberties protected in the bill of rights

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Discussion: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Choose ONE of the options below for your post: remember to use and cite solid academic sources in making your points, using both parenthetical in-text citations and full citations at the end of the post.

Option #1) Civil Liberties: Follow These Steps in Creating Your Post:

1) Briefly explain one of the civil liberties protected in the Bill of Rights (examples include speech, press, religion, double jeopardy, etc.).

2) Explain one way in which the government may legally restrict this liberty

3) Explain whether or not you agree with government being able to restrict this liberty and why (or why not).

Option #2) Equal Rights: Follow This Step in Creating Your Post:

1) Conflicts between police and minority communities have been major items in the news the past couple of years. Find and use evidence from solid academic sources to explain whether these have been isolated incidents in a system that is fair overall, or whether there is pervasive systemic racism in the American criminal justice system.

For full credit, respond to another student's post. Your response should be more than just opinion - use and cite solid academic sources to deepen and extend the discussion.

Please treat this like a mini research paper and pay attention to spelling, grammar, flow, citation of sources, etc. Since this discussion requires more research and use of solid academic sources, it will be weighted more heavily in the final grade than the first discussion.

Reference no: EM131268452

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