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Assume the government cuts its purchases by $60 billion. As a result, the budget deficit is reduced by $20 billion, saving increases by $10 billion, disposable personal income decrseases by$15 billion and the trade deficit is reduced by $5 billion. By how much have investment, consumption and national income changed?

Reference no: EM1365218

If important component of firm production

If an important component of a firm's production is difficult to specify in a contract and even more difficult to enforce in its production standards, then it probable makes s

The freedom party and the liberty party

Political advertising is often directed at winning over so-called swing voters, whose votes might go either way. Suppose that two political parties—the Freedom Party and the L

Presence of some form of price-setting agreement

Discuss the common allegation that when all firms in an industry are charging the same price, this indicates the absence of competition and the presence of some form of price-

Determine the minimum sample size to construct

Determine the minimum sample size to construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume the population standard deviation is 1.2 years.

Draw a pair of utility curves

Draw a pair of utility curves, one for X and one for Y, and label the positions immediately after the innovation (before any migration) as x for city X and y for city Y. Use a

Considering investing in project-requires initial investment

A company is considering investing in a project that requires an initial investment of $75,000. The operating and maintenance costs are expected to be $5,000 per year for the

Logical approach to using cost of capital

The Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Smith told him it was impractical because it would require the issue of common stock at a cost of 16 percent to finance the purchase. Is the

Explain what is meant by sustainability in different context

Explain what is meant by sustainability in different contexts? What is meant by "ecological footprint", "tipping point", and "life-cycle analysis" of a product? Is there such


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