Explain basic provisions of contract law relative to offer

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Describe the elements of a contract and explain the basic provisions of contract law relative to offer, acceptance, capacity, legality, fraud, third-party rights, performance, and breach of contract

Reference no: EM13845695

Differences between best-fit and best-practices perspectives

Set up a debate: Nonfinancial returns are more important than pay. Contrast the essential differences between the best-fit and best-practices perspectives. Should Bank of Amer

What initiatives need to be accomplished to ensure success

Marty, the owner of T-Rex’s Auto Parts, is hosting a meeting for the entire company next week. Marty noticed a decrease in productivity and revenue. What initiatives need to b

Does firm owe ethical duty to take this product off market

Recreation & Sports Equipment Corporation sells a product that is capable of seriously injuring consumers who misuse it in a foreseeable way. Does the firm owe an ethical duty

What is the maximum loan you can acquire for the property

A shopping centre is available for purchase for $8 million. The lender agrees this is a fair value for the property. There is 70 000 sq ft of rentable area in the building and

What is web usability

What is web usability (as discussed in the Usability.gov website) and how does it relate to customer-friendly websites (as discussed in Starting an Online Business)? Do you th

Six-sigma level-what is the impact on profitability

Vera source Microprocessor Corporation (VMC) sells 2,000 specialized microprocessor chips each month at a price of $1,500 each. Variable costs amount to $1,500,000, and fixed

Was shift to free trade regime in the textile industry good

From an economic perspective, was the shift to a free trade regime in the textile industry good for Bangladesh? Economically who benefits when retailers in Europe and the Unit

Response surface encountered in modelling process behaviour

The contour plots in Figure 10.27 display four types of response surface encountered in modelling process behaviour. In the cases of the saddle and the stationary ridge, what


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