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Question: My topic : "Do Ghosts exist?"


We've been discussing the art of argumentation. We've talked about types of evidence, argumentation strategies, fallacies of logic, and balancing ethos (character/author), pathos (emotion/audience), and logos (logic/message). Now it is time to put all of that together.

By this point, you have already chosen your topic and completed several of the research exercises. If not, you must choose a debatable, controversial, or otherwise arguable topic (see list of Research topics). Remember: Make sure you are either wholly for or wholly opposed to this subject (no fencing). Your paper should:

• Provide background or historical information regarding the issue

• Explain any key terms or definitions relevant to the discussion

• Include research on the issue to see what other experts are saying

• Provide a major assertion/conclusion/argument/point (thesis) which could include:

- Devising your own theory of how this issue can be solved;

- Providing a new perspective that has not been considered;

- Suggesting alternatives for a resolution to this issue; or

- Drawing an interesting conclusion based on the research and your own ideas about this issue

Be sure to acknowledge the opposition and refute any claims the opposition would make against your position. You should have at least three supporting arguments for your position and at least one against your position.

Assignment Requirements: Your paper should be at least 7 pages in length (Works cited page is not include, with works cited total 8 pages). It should be typed, double-spaced using a 12-point standard font and one-inch margins all around. It should be formatted correctly (as discussed in class). Pay particular attention to your Works Cited page. Your essay should include the use of at least five (5) current outside sources(magazine, books, only one online source( .edu or .org), e-books) (do not use research before 2000 unless you're discussing the historical context of your topic). This includes articles you access using the online academic databases as described during the library session. The remainder of your sources should be print sources, such as books and periodicals.

Reference no: EM132184123

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