Explain any disorders associated with deficiency or toxicity

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Nutrition Discussion

TASK: Select a vitamin and address the question below

Imagine you are attending your yearly health risk assessment. When you came to the appointment, you thought you had a proper diet and were of average health. It turns out, the doctor that examines you has a special interest in nutrition. He notices some inconsistencies with what you discuss with him and suggests that you may have a deficiency or toxicity of your selected vitamin. Your post should include the following information:

• Based upon the vitamin that you have chosen, what were your doctor's observations and diagnosis?

• Do you have a toxicity or deficiency? Explain any disorders associated with the deficiency or toxicity.

• Briefly describe what your recommended daily allowance based upon your profile (sex, age, physical status, etc.) should be, your present intake estimate, and your action plan (adjustment in diet, etc.).

• If left untreated, what might be some of the more serious long term and detrimental effects this might have on your body?

• Which special populations (pregnant women, children, etc.) are most affected and why?

• What other prevention, treatment, and safety measures might be beneficial to regulate your health?

Reference no: EM131393581

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