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You've been in your role as Human Resources Manager of Acme Manufacturing for six months now. The employee hostilities that existed when you started your job have resolved and the shift workers are back on track, so much so that there hasn't been a single news article written about the company since your arrival. Leadership of the company has noticed this, too, and the CEO has called you to her office for a meeting.

The CEO explained that the company does not have a compensation structure for the non-represented management employees and needs to have the full gamut of HR activities performed to get this developed and approved by the board during it's upcoming meeting in two months. She handed you a report from an external consultant to the Board's Compensation Committee outlining the elements needed:

Develop, analyze, and explain requirements that could be used in the personnel selection process for management positions in the company

Determine and explain the specific methods by which job analysis, job design, position description, and specification for management positions are prepared; and

Explain and evaluate the relative worth of management jobs at the company and determine a compensation structure to assist retention and career management of this important element of the company's human resources.

Prepare an 8-10 page report for the CEO that responds to the three requirements listed above. The report will be used with the Board of Directors so it must be formatted professionally and cite any references used in proper APA format.

Reference no: EM13995382

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