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This is based on a pre-sighted case study.

Students will receive the case study ahead of the exam.

Students can bring one marked copy of the case study to the exam.

A clean copyof the case study will be provided in the exam.

Question Style

All questions require you to have:

(a) a good knowledge and understanding of the core theoriesand principles as covered in this subject- using the textbook and PPTS as a base, class discussion and wider business managementprocesses

(b) an ability to link theories and principles to business decision making

(c) an ability to link the above to the case study business - both internally and externally

It is VERY importantthat you are able to show your ability to link the theory with business management practice.

The answers are NOT just in the case. The answers should be based around your understandingof the case study firm - using this as a base to demonstrate yourunderstanding and ability.

The case study is a high profile firm - your wider knowledge and understanding of this firm/industry etc. will be beneficial.

It is OK to answer the question as essays or in well-developed point form.

Tables and diagrams are acceptable.

Exam Format

You are required to answer four questions only. You have a choice of six (6) questions.

Each question is of equal value.

The exam accounts for 50% of the total unit value.

There is a PRE-SIGHTED case study for this exam - provided to you in advance of the exam.

The exam duration is two hours -plus reading time.

Key Topic Areas

The questions will be based around the latter chapters of the text book.

More specifically as per the following area.


Macro environment factors and associated impacts/issues

Internal environment: resources and capabilities etc.


Business strategies and industry evolution

Performance measurement

Technology and innovation

Note: Studentsat a Masters should be able to draw on all areas of the unit and other study areas when completing the exam questions.
Suggested Revision

Students are encouraged to base exam study on:

• Text Book/PPTS
• Supplementary Materials - supplied over teaching period
• Review Questions - as per those provided at the end of the text book chapters

Remember - it is very important that you are able to show your ability to link the theory with business management practice - based around your knowledge of the case study/case study firm.

Ahead of the exam you should develop a good understanding of the case study firm. Your answers MUST be based around this firm.

Reference no: EM131239716

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