Explain acetic acid should you add to prepare the buffer

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You want to prepare a pH=4.50 buffer using sodium acetate and glacial acetic acid. You have on hand 300 mL of 0.100 M sodium acetate. How many grams of glacial (water free) acetic acid should you add to prepare the buffer? (acetic acid Ka=1.8e-5 @ 25 degrees Celsius)

Reference no: EM13252197

Define what is the partial pressure of ar

A mixture contains 0.251 g Ar gas, 1.95 g of Xe gas and no other substances. The total pressure is 2.33 atm. What is the partial pressure of Ar? A. 1224 torr B. 527 torr C.

Explain what percentage of naturally occurring silver

The atomic mass of silver is 107.868 amu. There are two naturally occurring isotopes of silver, Ag-107 (106.904 amu) and Ag-109 (108.905 amu). What percentage of naturally o

State what is the value of kp for the reaction

A 12.0 g sample of solic NH4Cl is heated in a 5.00 L container to a high temperature. At equilibrium, the pressure of NH3 (g) is 1.22 atm. What is the value of Kp for the re

Explain the pressure and temperature stay constant

If 3.25 L of ammonia react with an excess of oxygen to form nitrogen monoxide and water steam, what volume of water steam will be produced? The pressure and temperature stay

Define the effect on teh cell potential of decreasing

Using Le Chateleir's principle, explain the effect on teh cell potential of decreasing the Fe2+ ion concentration from 1.0M to 0.1M for each of the following reactions. The

Find out identity of the metal

A 1.733 g sample of a metal reacts with hydrochloric acid to form a MCl2 type of salt and 380.0 mL of H2 at 20 degrees C and 720 torr pressure. a) Write a balanced net ionic

The degrees celsius the rate constant for the decomposition

At 25 degrees Celsius the rate constant for the decomposition of a pesticide solution is 6.40e-3 min-1. If the starting concentration of pesticide is 0.0314M, what concentra

Compute the partial pressure of each gas in the container

Three gases (8.00G of methane CH4, , 18.0G of ethane C2H6, , and an unknown amount of propane, C3H8) were added to the same 10.0-L container. At 23.0 C, the total pressure i


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