Explain about all the culture differences

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1. Please prepare a SWOT analysis for an organisation, or one you are familiar with, using internal/resource based analyslis to derive the strengths & weaknesses, and external/ market based analysis to derive the opportunities & threats as evidence and in support for the SWOT. Max 2 sides of A4

2. Elaborate and discuss the Security and safety in distribution of logistics

3. Explain about all the culture differences. Examples about the muslim culture. How American girls and muslim girls are different?

Reference no: EM132280618

What could they do to create this consumer environment

What is a brand community, and what value can it bring to a brand? Would you say that Freitag has created a strong brand community? If so, how... or if not, what could they do

Develop a recruitment strategy

BSBMGT515: Manage operational plan - develop an operational plan to deliver organisation business goals and objectives and Develop a recruitment strategy; to meet the human re

Find which path is critical

A project has two paths that you are concerned about. The first path (which we will call #1 has an expected path time of 15 weeks and a standard deviation of 3. The second pa

Explain while purchasing what colour displays to be used

Each display costs $18.80 also there is an ordering cost of $75 regardless of size of order. Company uses a stock-out cost of $400 per display also 40% of annual interest ra

Determine optimal order quantity-number of orders per year

A mail-order house uses 17,090 boxes a year. Carrying costs are 60 cents per box a year, and ordering costs are $96. The following price schedule applies. Number of Boxes Pric

What is the optimal production plan and what will it cost

Comfort Plus Inc. (CPI) manufactures a standard dining chair used in restaurants. The demand forecasts for quarter 1 (January – March) and quarter 2 (April – June) are 4500 an

Cycle time for the vats is about two hours

A machine cell uses 200 pounds of a certain material each day. Material is transported in vats that hold 20 pounds each. Cycle time for the vats is about two hours. The manage

What is the amount of suspended losses

During the current year, Beth and Bill, who file a joint return, incurred the following items of income and loss: What is their AGI for the year? What is the amount of suspend


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