Explain a profit maximising perfectly competitive firm

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Inspect the following statement to see whether it is true or false. If it is true describe why it is true. If it is false describe why it is false and then write the statement correctly.
A profit maximising perfectly competitive firm must select the output level at which the difference between the marginal revenue as well as marginal cost is greatest. This is equal to selecting the output where the spread between total revenue as well as total cost is greatest

Reference no: EM13111497

Supervisors in administering discipline in the organization

Accept you are in charge of creating a training program for supervisors in administering discipline in the organization. Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper that emphases on t

Illustrate what is the more common practice today

With very little in the way of exceptions, the common law required no writing or signature to enter into a contract. The overwhelming numbers of contracts were verbal or ora

Benefits and drawbacks of the planning process

1) Some people think that planning can cause stiffness and formal plans cannot replace intuition and creativity of a manager. Do you agree or not? 2) Define planning. 3) Exp

The economic feasibility of manufacturing a part

Managers at Wager Fabricating Company are reviewing the economic feasibility of manufacturing a part that it currently purchases for a supplier. Forecasted annual demand

Role of research-development of research

Peer-reviewed article that discusses research in an organization. Topic ideas include the role of research, development of research studies, integration of different types o

How might phoebes staffing needs change

How might Phoebe's staffing needs change? Discuss the best way for Phoebe to organize, orient, and train her restaurant staff. How should Phoebe deal with her current custome

Process-oriented approach or the task-oriented approach

Which is the more efficient approach to maintenance, the "process-oriented" approach or the "task-oriented" approach? "It depends" does not answer the question. Study the tw

An overview of the company name and company dynamics

For the first part of the project you completed an overview of the company name and company dynamics for your project. Now it is time to put that information to use. Utilizi


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