Experimental psychology and forensic psychology

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Experimental Psychology and Forensic Psychology

Write a report based on your findings that includes the seven elements listed below. There is no page number minimum for Report Module assignments. They are graded for thoroughness, evidence of ability to clearly articulate and apply knowledge learned, organization and clarity and the degree to which they meet requirements identified on the Report Module grading rubric including compliance with APA formatting rules.

1) The types of work professionals in specialty areas within the larger field of psychology do.

2) The type and level of education one must achieve to work in those specialty areas.

3) A description of work settings and average incomes one can expect in careers within the specialy areas.

4) Whether after researching the areas you find them to be career possibilities you are interested in or careers that don't capture your interest and why

5) A description of the most interesting thing not previously known that you learned about the specialty areas

6) A description of an everyday and real-world human experience related to two pod-casts you select to listen to on the specialty web pages provided

7) A description of a "Hot Topic that fits with what you know about each specialty area after researching it and how the two are related.

Reference no: EM13775451

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