Experimental designs that are discussed in the reading

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This project requires you to reflect on the different experimental designs that are discussed in the reading, and to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of two different approaches to study the following issue:

You have developed a new drug that you believe is effective in reducing appetite. As a result of some preliminary research, you have been given a small grant to design an experiment that tests the effectiveness of this new drug on morbidly obese individuals.

In this project, be sure to include the following:

A detailed description of the experimental method you will use: [a repeated measures design, or one of the independent group designs]
A thorough justification of your selected method
A clear identification of your target population
A description and justification of your sampling plan
Any ethical issues that may be connected to your study
Your expected results
Threats to the internal validity of the study
Threats to the external validity of the study
Any limitations to the conclusions that you can make
Recommendations for future research on this topic

Reference no: EM13194472

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