Expected inflation and expected future real interest rate

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Nominal interest rates are quoted at a variety of maturities, corresponding to different lengths of loans. For example, in late 2004 the U.S. government could take out ten year loans at an annual interest rate of a bit over 4 percent, whereas the annual rate it paid on loans of only three months' duration was a bit under 2 percent. (An annualized interest rate of 2 percent on a three-month loan means that if you borrow a dollar, you repay $1.005 = $1 + (3/12) H $0.02 at the end of three months.) Typically, though not always, long-term interest rates are above short-term rates, as in the preceding examples from 2004. In terms of the Fisher effect, what would that pattern say about expected inflation and/or the expected future real interest rate?

Reference no: EM13833226

Market structure-measured in ability to set price of output

The Profit Maximizing condition for firms facing perfect competition is 1) Marginal Revenue = Marginal Cost and 2) Marginal Cost must cut through Marginal Revenue from below. 

Terms of the internet taxation and internet content

What should the role of the government in terms of the Internet taxation and Internet content? Based on which of the roles of government? The Internet Taxation issue is that i

What is its present value and its future value

PRESENT AND FUTURE VALUES OF A CASH FLOW STREAM An investment will pay $150 at the end of each of the next 3 years, $250 at the end of Year 4, $300 at the end of Year 5, and $

Determine the profit maximizing ticket price for the theater

Presently the theater advertises 125 times per week. Assuming this is the only theater in town, and its marginal cost, MC, is equal to zero, Determine the profit maximizing

Minimum of three academic references

Write a five page essay, using a minimum of three academic references from the CSU online library and proper APA formatting on the following topic: pros and cons of tariffs.

What is total number of hours worked per week in the economy

A numerical application of Okun’s law Consider an economy that initially has a labor force of 2000 workers. Of these workers, 1900 are employed and each works 40 hours a week.

Gas prices dropping after last weeks spike

In an article titled, Gas prices dropping after last week's spike, that was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper on August 29, 2011," After a spike last wee

Capitalism faces its challenge

Use “John Maynard Keynes – capitalism faces its challenge,” in Big Three in Economics by Skousen as your resource to answer the following questions: What was the economic cont


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