Expected change in the relative supply of low-skilled labor

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Based only on the expected change in the relative supply of low-skilled labor in the U.S., do you expect that an increase in immigration of low skilled workers from Mexico to the U.S. will increase, decrease or have no eect on wage inequality in the U.S? why?

Reference no: EM131164608

Higher than the canadian inflation rate

If the inflation rate in the United States rises to a point that it is higher than the Canadian inflation rate, all else equal, predict the impact on: 1. the U.S. demand for C

Why is less concentration a problem for a cartel

A few questions in this problem set are based on the comments made by James Love to Congress regarding antitrust policy and the Petroleum industry. These are found at the end

Explain what are the repercussions physical environment

Explain what are the repercussions Physical environment. Some variables of interest might include climate change, shipping delays, recycling, urban development, availability o

Amount of social surplus or total surplus

Market equilibrium is thought to be efficient because the amount of social surplus or total surplus is maximized. Explain using economic terminology why pollution (negative

Describe difference between nominal-effective-real interest

Describe the difference between nominal, effective and real interest and calculate what is owed after 5 years for the following example. 10% interest on $100 over the course o

Why should money demand be dependant on nominal rates

We know that investment spending depends on real interest rates, yet the demand for money is dependant on nominal, not real, interest rates. Why should money demand be dependa

Ways of knowing are ceremonial and instrumental

According to Institutionalists the two ways of knowing are ceremonial and instrumental. Explain the differences between these ways of knowing and explain how they inform the a

Major political-economic and social developments

What are the similarities and differences between the major political, economic, and social developments in the first half of the twentieth century and those in the second hal


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