Expectancy theory-goal-setting theory-equity theory

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1. Customer Service via Technology

Go to Patagonia's website used in Assignment Chapter 1. Review the website and discuss the unique technological aspects of this site(hint- interactive, transparent chain). Obtain an article that relates to Patagonia's website/marketing efforts and summarize it, relating to text and chapter ideas as well.

2. What relationship, if any, do you see among expectancy theory, goal-setting theory, equity theory, and reinforcement theory as stated in the textbook? Explain?

Reference no: EM132184995

Training and performance appraisals

Prepare a five-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), including at least three scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, formatted according to APA styl

Firm believes there is market for handheld tools

A small manufacturing firm believes there is market for handheld tools that are carefully crafted for local markets. After spending two months in Europe, the president of this

Learned about the principles of servant leadership

Looking forward, how will you use what you have learned about the principles of servant leadership in your workplace, organizations with which you are involved, and in your pe

What process-performance management

Describe and explain in detail what Process/Performance Management is. What implications are there for the company and managers involved? Please provide references is any used

Predicting monthly sale

For years The Glass Slipper restaurant has operated in a resort  community near a popular ski area of New Mexico. The restaurant  is busiest during the first 3 months of the

Create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product

A contemporary challenge for business, managers, and employees is achieving exceptional levels of quality in the production and delivery of goods and services. To serve this g

Illustrate what is wrong with spending the first few minutes

illustrate what is wrong with spending the first few minutes of the next day performing these sorts of duties. Explain the logic of your response.

Competitive style-accommodating style and avoiding style

Using the five basic conflict resolutions (competitive style, accommodating style, avoiding style, collaborating style, and compromising style), explain how each approach work


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