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1. Customer Service via Technology

Go to Patagonia's website used in Assignment Chapter 1. Review the website and discuss the unique technological aspects of this site(hint- interactive, transparent chain). Obtain an article that relates to Patagonia's website/marketing efforts and summarize it, relating to text and chapter ideas as well.

2. What relationship, if any, do you see among expectancy theory, goal-setting theory, equity theory, and reinforcement theory as stated in the textbook? Explain?

Reference no: EM132184995

Recommendation for brandon production

Brandon Production is a small firm focused on the assembly and sale of custom computers. The firm is facing stiff competition from low-priced alternatives, and is looking at v

What project control and change management strategies

Summarize the situation with the Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel). Explain why poor project planning in terms of project control and change management made this project a failure

What unique challenges do research and development

critical thinking questions: what unique challenges do research and development labs provide for KM implementation? What is the benefit of MITRE's evolutionary approach to K

The elements of negligence are present

Identify whether all the elements of negligence are present and, if so, who or what entity will be sued successfully: Patient signs operative permit for surgery on right knee

What quantitative performance improvement tool

Assume you are the manager of an outpatient clinic that is part of a larger health care system. Complaints from patients about your clinic have recently increased in frequency

Atm machines at bank branch

Your manager tells you that a utilization of 95% for the ATM machines at your bank's branch is the "best value" for the bank. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer c

Determine value of the arithmetic gradient

You expect your starting salary of $57,000 at the end of next year as a base amount to increase uniformly to a level of $114,000 by the end of 6 years, (a) Determine the value

Current research reveal about the sexes and self-disclosure

What does the current research reveal about the sexes and self-disclosure? What kind of interview should you recommend to Goliath Industries if they want to increase the relia


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