Exicutive memo to the board

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Exicutive memo to the board

Submit an Executive Memo addressed to the CIO and the board of directors. Last week, the CIO reviewed your presentation and has decided to move forward with your recommendations for improvements.

However, the CIO has asked for more information on how the database improvements will take place. In the memo, discuss the possibility of creating a conceptual database design. Identify the benefits a conceptual database design could have in ensuring the smooth implementation of a database.

The Executive Memo should address the specific benefits to the organization, the return on investment, the resources required, and the timeframe for completion.

Reference no: EM13761160

Explain the issues that exist between 3nf and bcnf

Explain the issues that exist between 3NF and BCNF.  Now normalize through BCNF.  Show the relations at each step even if there is no change so I can see the process.

Slope of a regression of y versus a single x

Discuss what could happen to the slope of a regression of Y versus a single X when an outlier is included versus when it is not included. Will this necessarily happen when a

Evaluate the megatrend of demographics

Evaluate the megatrend of demographics in the IT field. Give your opinion as to why IT managers must understand this megatrend when selecting talent for organizational posit

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A small midwest town has two burger restaurants located across the street from each other: 'Burgerama' and 'The Burger Brothers'. As both restaurants compete for the same cust

It managing organizational risk

No longer than a decade ago, IT security professionals had to work hard to persuade organizational leaders about the importance of developing effective risk management plans

Research the encryption capabilities

Please research the encryption capabilities for the latest version or Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL. Indicate the granularity level (What is encrypted?

In what order do the script parent process

In what order do the script parent process and the child shell process terminate when the user types the end-of-file character (usually Control-D) while running the program

E-commerce web site

Final project will be a Java programming project that uses design patterns to help form a dynamic Web database application. Final Project:  e-commerce Web Site


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