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Module 01 Course Project - Executive Summary

You are the Brand Manager for the new imaginary company that you've created. Your current assignment is to put together a marketing plan for your company. In a marketing plan you will always find an Executive Summary. An Executive Summary is a brief section that summarizes the main points of the marketing plan.

A marketing plan always opens with an Executive Summary; because it acts as an overview of the entire marketing plan, typically, it's one of the last sections written. You will start your Executive Summary and submit it as a draft. Your final summary will be turned in with your final marketing plan in Module 06. In 1-2 pages, start your Executive Summary by providing the following information:

Introduce your company. Briefly provide company background information, how long you've been in business, and any accomplishments or successes.

Describe your business activities. What is the nature of your business? What products or services do you offer?

What is the name and description of the product or service being introduced? Why is there a need in the market for this product?

What are the goals for your company/product? Your goals should be in quantitative terms, where possible, to facilitate measuring the company's future performance.

An example of a non-financial goal: "Starbucks will diversify its product lines to achieve 30 percent of sales revenue in latte products in the next three years."

An example of a financial goal (note it is specific and measurable): "Starbucks will increase sales from $8 million in 2011 to $12 million in 2013."

Reference no: EM132184510

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