Excision of recurrent pyogenic granuloma

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PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Pyogenic granuloma, left lateral thigh.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Pyogenic granuloma, left lateral thigh.


PROCEDURE: Excision of recurrent pyogenic granuloma.

INDICATIONS: The patient is 12-year-old young lady, who has a hand-sized congenital vascular malformation on her left lateral thigh below the greater trochanter, which was described by her parents as a birthmark. This congenital cutaneous vascular malformation faded substantially over the first years of her life and has regressed to a flat, slightly hyperpigmented lesion. Although no isolated injury event can be recalled, the patient has developed a pyogenic granuloma next to the distal portion of this lesion on her mid thigh, and it has been treated with topical cautery in her primary care doctor's office, but with recurrence. She is here today for excision.

OPERATIVE FINDINGS: The patient had what appeared to be a classic pyogenic granuloma arising from this involuted vascular malformation.

DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION: The patient came to the operating room, had an uneventful induction of general anesthesia. We conducted a surgical time-out, reiterated her important and unique identifying information and confirmed that the excision of the left thigh pyogenic granuloma was the procedure planned for today. Preparation and draping was __________ ensued with a chlorhexidine based prep solution. The pyogenic granuloma was approximately 6 to 7 mm in greatest dimension and to remove it required creating an elliptical incision of about 1 cm. This entire area was infiltrated with 0.25% Marcaine with dilute epinephrine to provide a wide local field block and then an elliptical incision was made with a #15 scalpel blade, excising the pyogenic granuloma, its base, and a small rim of surrounding normal skin. Some of the abnormal vessels in the dermal and subdermal layer were cauterized with the needle-tip electrocautery pencil. The wound was closed in layers with a deep dermal roll of 5-0 Monocryl stitches supplemented by 5-0 intradermal Monocryl and Steri-Strips for final skin closure. The patient tolerated the procedure well. This nodule was submitted to pathology for confirmation of its histology as a pyogenic granuloma. Blood loss was less than 5 mL and there were no complications.

Reference no: EM132280131

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