Excise taxes are more effective at raising tax revenues

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Explain why excise taxes are more effective at raising tax revenues when applied to products with price inelastic demand versus ones with price elastic demand. Under what conditions would it be possible for tax revenues to decline with higher excise taxes?

Reference no: EM131007733

How much is their monthly loan payment

Amanda and Blake have found a house, which owing to a depressed real estate market costs only $201500. They will put $22000 down and finance the remainder with a 30-year mortg

What happen if it decrease the percentage of its output

If it decrease the percentage of its output devoted to capital goods, then its rate of growth will tend to increase. Its production-possibilities curve will shift to the lef

What happens in the short-run if coustomers incomes increase

Assume that apples are an inferior good. Draw a perfectly competitive market for apples and a firm selling apples in the long run equilibrium where price is $10 and the firm’s

Calculate the profit maximizing outputs and prices in market

Suppose a firm sells a good in 2 markets, each market is characterized by their own respective demand curve. Calculate the profit maximizing outputs and prices in each market

Specific factors model-heckscher-ohlin model

Consider a country that produces shirts and autos. Shirts are produced with sewing machines (specific factor) and labor while autos are produced using robots (specific facto

Make decorative stones for landscaping

You make decorative stones for landscaping. A ton of coarse stones requires 2 hours of crushing, 5 hours of sifting, and 8 hours of drying. A ton of fine stones requires 6 hou

Consumption goods and time spent on leisure

Sam has preferences for consumption goods (C) and time spent on leisure (L). The utility function is u(C,L) = CL. The household also has a home production technology summarize

Market structure is technological improvement most critical

Technological innovation and or improvement is very critical to business growth and competitiveness. Given the four main types of market structures discussed, under which mark


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