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An American investor buys 100 shares of London Enterprises at a price of £50 when the exchange rate is $1.60/£. A year later the shares are selling at £52. No dividends have been paid.

a. What is the rate of return to an American investor if the exchange rate is still $1.60/£?

b. What if the exchange rate is $1.70/£?

c. What if the exchange rate is $1.50/£?

Reference no: EM1346050

Long-run profit opportunities from investing

What does this concept imply regarding the long-run profit opportunities from investing in international markets? What market conditions should prevail for concept to be valid

Firm operating in global economy

Define as many new risks that a firm operating in the global economy is faced with in comparision to firms operating entirely in one country.

Question on country risk

Which are the 3 most significant  variables which determine the level of country risk? When is country risk analysis a critical factor for a business going global?

Functions of foreign exchange market-global companies

Illustrate out the primary functions of foreign exchange market. Who are the participants in the market? How do global companies use the foreign exchange market to hedge aga

Quality of business environment in host country

How can government policies impact the quality of the business environment in the host country? You are a foreign investor. What are your main concerns regarding the investmen

Question on financial markets

What are the bid-ask spreads for each currency India and Brazil (include calculations) What are the implications of the presence or absence of a forward exchange market?

Foreign currency gain or loss exchange rate

Which of the following combinations correctly states the relationship between foreign currency transactions, exchange rate changes, and foreign exchange gains and losses?

Restating for foreign inflation

Aztec Corporation, a U.S. subsidiary in Mexico City begins and ends its calendar year with an inventory balance of P500 million. The dollar/peso exchange rate on January 1 w


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