Exchange of ideas for saving energy-opinions survey

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1: Choose one of the following and describe how you think social media marketing could help strengthen its brand:

J. Crew

Nikon Cameras

Great Wolf Lodge resorts

Nivea for Men skin care

Ellie Goulding (singer and songwriter)

2: Log onto face book, Tumbler, or Pint rest page of a company that you like to follow. What are people saying about the company, its goods and services, problems they’d like solved, or new products they’d like to see? How do they describe their experiences and their general views as consumers?

3: When designing a social media marketing plan, marketers must be sure to select and use channels as they were intended-or rick difficulties. For each of the following, state your choice of channel type (social networking site, micro blog, bookmarking site, and so forth) and explain why.

Discussion of product attributes

Opinions survey

Exchange of ideas for saving energy

Personal stories

Video contest featuring pets

4: Do you agree that companies should have formal, written policies regarding the use of social media by employees in the workplace? Why or why not?

5: How do you view the future of social media- and social media marketing? Write a description citing three or four trends or developments you think may evolve over the next decade.

Reference no: EM13720723

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