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Erecto Construction Co. contracted to build an office building for Owner. Without Owner's consent, Erecto delegated its duty to do the excavation work to Gopher Inc., a subcontractor. The excavation work is standard, nonpersonal work that does not require any special skill. Gopher failed to do the work properly. 1. Was Erecto legally entitled to delegate its duty to do the excavation work to Gopher without first obtaining Owner's consent? 2. Is Erecto liable to Owner because Gopher failed to properly do the work?

Reference no: EM131126928

Operations management decision is relevant to services

Up to three standard deviations above or below the centerline is the amount of variation that statistical process control allows for. Which of the following is not true when e

What is meant by managing paradox and contradiction

Identify and describe the four key factors that need to be considered during the growth stage. What is meant by managing paradox and contradiction? Identify five unique manage

How would such an inclusion impact the ordering policies

Case Study Northcutt Bikes: The Service Department. Use the available data to develop inventory policies (order quantities and reorder points) for the FB378 and GS131. Assum

The evaluation of two potential lines of business

You are the Service Manager and you have been invited to represent IT at the upcoming corporate strategy and planning meeting. On this month’s agenda is the evaluation of two

Use of information technology to increase patient services

Justify the use of information technology to increase patient services. Provide a summative table of some pros and cons of using information technology in an era of networking

Achieve six sigma quality

Zeta Automotive Limited has designed a new engine component (code name FE73) that can potentially increase the fuel efficiency of a car to approximately 72 miles per gallon. Z

Large multidisciplinary product testing team

Two team members on the large multidisciplinary product testing team you project manage are consistently late turning in weekly reports. When you spoke with each of the team m

Developed the softer side of sears campaign

A few years ago, Young and Rubicam, Inc. developed the “Softer Side of Sears” campaign to target middle-income women. This agency provided research about that segment, media c


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