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Directions: Please answer each of the following questions in complete sentences. 

1. Use the Internet to find an example of two corporate innovations: one brought about through autonomous strategic behavior and one developed through induced strategic behavior.  Which innovation seems to hold the most promise for commercial success and why? Be sure to cite and compare and contrast the two basic premises in this question.

2. The economies of countries such as Russia and China have historically been operated through centralized bureaucracies.  What can be done to infuse such economies with a commitment to corporate entrepreneurship and the innovation resulting from it?  Is the United States more dependent on one country than another?  How does that change the potential balance of trade and ability of American companies to do business?


Directions: Please review the question(s) below and write a two to three page essay.

1. America's most successful pizza delivery chains, including Domino's, Pizza Hut, and other regional businesses, have long since relied on phone orders for delivery.  How can the Internet's capabilities be integrated into their business?  Weighing the pros and cons of ordering pizza online, make a list of ten management concerns and techniques to consider to successfully promote, develop, and run an online business in this lucrative market.

PART III: Final Paper

Some argue that Google created an environment and a culture to foster innovation.  As part of this module's lecture notes, you watched a video about Google and innovation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GtgSkmDnbQ).  Your final paper should be five to six pages in length, site at least three scholarly references, and be written in APA format.  Complete the following:

  1. Identify if you agree or disagree that Google is an innovative company.
  2. If you agree, identify potential risks as the company gets bigger that may stifle innovation.
  3. Identify a company that has a culture of innovation that you find more appealing than Google and explain why you find it interesting.
  4. Compare and contrast Google and the second company you have identified.  What do they have in common and what is dissimilar?
  5. Posit whether you believe innovation requires a foundation of opportunity and a culture that inspires and creates it, or whether people can and will innovate regardless.  Support your opinion.

PART IV: Journal

Identify the top three things you found most useful in this course. Why did you select the three you did?  How will you change specific patterns or behavior as a result?  Finally, what did you find enjoyable in the course and what was not as enjoyable?  What recommendations do you have for the University to make this a better course?  Please submit a three to four page final journal entry.

Reference no: EM13918610

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