Example of a houseplant that effectively removes toxins

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Many houseplants are known to remove environmental toxins from the environment inside our homes. Find one example of a houseplant that effectively removes toxins. Given what you know about plant cells, how might these toxins be removed by the plant?

Reference no: EM132280448

The relationships among elk predators represent

Over the last 100 years, the number of elk in Yellowstone has varied in part because of the limited availability of winter food sources and many types of predators, including

What is spocks wifes genotype

What is Spock's genotype? What is Spock's wife's genotype? What percentage of their offspring would have the similar phenotype as Spock.

Summarize the theory that alzheimer and parkinson disease

Summarize the theory that Alzheimer and Parkinson disease are due to prion infection. b) If these disorders are infectious, should these patients be quarantined (kept away f

Prevention of disease through vaccination

Choose a diseases/disorder that you learned about this week that can be prevented through vaccination. Research the disease background including etiology, symptoms, treatment,

Question about molecular genetics

Suppose that the genes required for Isoleucine biosynthesis are contained within an operon. If the cell is grown in the presence of high values of isoleucine you would expect

Which is normally killed in an hour when growing in a medium

Suppose you have a bacterium, which is normally killed in an hour when growing in a medium containing penicillin. This bacterium is an auxotroph and requires tryptophan for

Newly made homologous chromosomes

Every cell in the human body has two alleles that condense into single chromosomes held together through a centromere. These sister chromaatids replicate and pair with newly m

Find probability that benjamin will be homozygous recessive

n beans yellow (Y) is dominant to green (y) and smooth (S) is dominant to wrinkled (s). What are the possible genotypes for the offspring of the following cross: YySS and YYSs


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